Last Days in Zion: Part 2


So this is it…the last of our road trip. Once we arrived at our cabin on the ranch we stayed for two nights. During our stay at the ranch we watched buffalo roam, we relaxed, and we hiked. I took SO many baths in the dreamiest bath tub I’ve ever seen. In the evenings we would have the little fireplace going and listen to music while Joe would make dinners. It was so sweet and comforting there in our tiny cabin. I’ve never stayed at a ranch before, it was unlike any other lodging experience I’ve ever had. We had our own little log cabin that overlooked vast open land for the buffalo. On other parts of the ranch there were horses, chickens, ducks, basically all kinds of animals wondering around.

We only got to hike one of the days, unfortunately I was sick for our last day in Zion. BUT the hike that we did do was GORGEOUS. One of those views that instantly makes you feel at peace when you see it.  We hiked out to Observation Point to watch the sunset. We thought for sure we would be the only ones out there because watching the sunset at Observation Point means hiking back in the dark. We were wrong though, because there was another young adventurous couple out there with us. They were the ones who kindly took that last picture. We chatted with them for awhile while we watched the sunset. Then we headed back on the trail to hike back as it got darker and darker on our way back the stars got more and more beautiful. All in all, it was a great time in Zion and a good way to end the trip.


Last Days of Road Trip in Zion: Part 1/ Fashion Post

IMG_8294IMG_8301IMG_8316IMG_8320IMG_8334Sunglasses:Urban Outfitters/ T-Shirt: Topshop/ Jeans: Old Victoria’s Secret jeans that I cut to make a step hem/Shoes: Target

The last couple of days of our road trip were spent in Zion, Utah. We stayed at a ranch in the coolest cabin. On our way to said cabin we saw this awesome old pick up truck on the side of the road (which is not uncommon in the west, everyone seems to have an old pick up truck). So, of course we had to stop and do a little impromptu photo shoot. I really wanted to do a blog post featuring my stem hem jeans that I made myself, so this was the perfect opportunity!

The step hem on jeans is a trend I’m seeing a lot at the moment, and I’m loving it. Not everyone is going to be a fan of this trend because the point of the trend is for your jean hemline to be uneven, so some people are going to be confused. But who cares! When people look at you funny it means you are stylish and dressing outside of the box! That is my motto anyways. Fashion is about uniqueness and expression, so don’t be afraid to try new trends even if they are out of the norm.

You don’t have to worry about going out and buying a pair of stem hem jeans because you don’t necessarily have to. If you have an old pair of jeans that fit you nice but you don’t love how they fit around the ankle, just cut in a step hem. It is super easy to do because the point of a step hem is to look a little sloppy, just make sure to fray the bottom after you are done cutting in the step hem. And there you go!

Day 10 Las Vegas

IMG_8229IMG_8265IMG_8274IMG_8275Dress and Shoes: Target

Let’s talk about Las Vegas,

Vegas was the furthest point that we traveled to on our road trip, we were headed there for a work conference (more of a convention, really) that Joe had. I don’t know if I have ever talked about Joe’s work on my blog before but he is in the film industry. So, this work convention was a showing of all of the new film and technology equipment that is coming out. I stupidly agreed to go with him to the conference instead of hanging out by the pool at our awesome Vegas hotel, I know stupid right?! While some of it was interesting, most of it bored me out of my skull! Turns out I don’t have much interest in movie set lighting after all. Poor Joe had to deal with a very impatient and hungry wife that day.

Anyways, flash back to before we left on our road trip. I wasn’t that excited about Vegas. I was more excited about Utah and all of it’s Mars like glory. I didn’t feel like Vegas was going to be my scene really. I don’t gamble, I don’t go to strip clubs, I don’t even drink much these days. So I thought, what could possibly be in Vegas that I would even enjoy? It didn’t help that people I know who had been there described it to me as, “a strip of tacky buildings in the middle of a desert.” You can say my expectations for Vegas were pretty low. Much to my surprise, I ended up really enjoying Vegas, like, a lot. Joe and I only stayed one night, since originally we didn’t think we would want to stay more than that. I ended up wishing that we could have stayed another night. Don’t get me wrong Vegas isn’t somewhere I would want to take a week long vacation to. I don’t know what you would even do there for that long if you aren’t a gambler or a partier. But, a couple of nights to see a show, eat good food, and wander the streets would be delightful. The afternoon/night that we did have in Vegas was really fun. We walked around all the super expensive stores like, Gucci and Louis Vuitton, stores I can only dream about shopping in. Although, a really nice husband did buy me a silver bow ring from Tiffany’s that I adore. For dinner we ate at an authentic Italian restaurant that was a little bit off of the strip (which meant it wasn’t super touristy). It was SO good, for those who know me know that pasta is my favorite food in the world. I have been on the Paleo diet for the last couple of months and hadn’t pasta in ages, so it made it all the better (what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas). While we ate, a Frank Sinatra impersonator sang old show tunes and it was just perfect.

After dinner we walked around Fremont street to watch all of the people and see all of the old light up signs. People may find it odd but I almost felt like I went back 6 or 7 decades being in Vegas. It had a very old school vibe to me, which is why I put these pictures in black and white. Between the old show tunes and the retro looking light up signs everywhere, I just felt like I lived in a time that Frank Sinatra or Elvis (kind of a time jump but you get what I’m saying) was still alive. Joe told me I looked like a girl from the 40’s going to Vegas because of what I was wearing, which I took as a compliment. All in all, I had a really great time in Vegas and I loved it for all of its tacky uniqueness.

Day 8 or Something Like That…

IMG_8169IMG_8179IMG_8195IMG_8199IMG_8207IMG_8211IMG_8214IMG_8156Dress: Old Navy/ Shoes: Target

After we left the Grand Canyon we headed south for the warmer temps and for the bigger cactus. Since this entire trip was just us going where we felt when we felt and nothing was planned it did cause some nervousness about finding a place to sleep some nights. This night however, we got really lucky. We found this amazing campground in Tonto Basin, Arizona. It was definitely one of my favorite nights of the trip. We had a campground next to a lake and a giant cactus, and best of all, it was so WARM there. We had an amazing time sitting around the campfire sipping wine and talking. It was so nice and relaxing. The next morning I woke up to coyotes howling, which may or may not have freaked me out slightly. And here is an outfit post because when you see a giant cactus for the first time in your life you must pose by it, its the law.


Day 7 A Day in the Grand Canyon


While we were at the Grand Canyon we stayed at an amazing camp ground that was more like a camping resort. There was a grocery store, a coffee shop, and restaurant. It can hardly be considered roughing it, but after a night of sleeping in our car it was just what we needed. We arrived in the evening, took a stroll by the canyon, and set up camp. The next day we did the hike that led you to the bottom of the canyon from the top and then back up. The hike was approximately 9 miles total. Which in my mind at the time was completely doable, as it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve hiked 9 miles. However, what I failed to realize is that hiking elevation is a whole other story. The 9 miles that I scoffed at felt more like 20 miles! The hike down to the bottom is hard enough and then you turn around and realize you have to go back up 3,000 ft! It is not a good feeling! I was not the most optimistic hiking companion either, which I know Joe can attest to. I felt like I wasn’t going to make it back up until I almost just became numb the the fact that my legs and lungs were working extreme overtime. It was super hard, yet, in a way still really fun,  and I am so glad that I can say I did it. Besides that fact that I got a killer workout that day, the views were spectacular. As we were hiking up the sun began to set which lit the canyon up in the most beautiful colors. I would definitely recommend hiking into the canyon if you get a chance (you don’t have to go all the way to the bottom), you see it in a whole other way than when you are simply looking out into it from the top.


Day 5


It’s been so long since my last post! I was trying to actually blog on the road day by day, however that didn’t work out so well. It was difficult because we didn’t always have wifi. We were camping some of the nights, and the nights when were were in a hotel we would be getting back so late that I was pretty much just crashing out. So, we are home now and I have wifi consistently! Here I am picking back up with day five! I for one, am pretty excited to relive the trip now that I am home. Day four was a travel day full of sitting in a car so nothing special to blog about. If a day is skipped here and there it is because it consisted of sitting a the car. However, day four was not fully without excitement. On the fourth day of our road trip we had just left Colorado Springs and drove all day to make it to Utah’s Valley of the Gods. Valley of the Gods is a National Park so we were there to camp that night, however the wind was so strong we couldn’t pitch our tent and our faces were getting whipped with red sand. It wasn’t pleasant. We had no choice but to retreat to the car to sleep. Which was a bummer on many levels. One because Valley of the God’s was really something to see and the stars that night would have been spectacular. Also, because sleeping in a car is pretty much the worst. Anyways, back to day five! Day five was spent in Monument Valley, which is what is pictured above. I’ve never seen anything like Monument Valley in my life, it’s like being on Mars. It is strange but cool sight to see. There were horses just roaming freely, and red rock structures as far as the eye could see.

Day 3

IMG_7951IMG_7952IMG_7954IMG_7964IMG_7970IMG_7980Jacket: Old Levi Jean Jacket that I have a love affair with/ Top: Banana Republic/ Skirt: Banana Republic/ Sandals: Target/ Bag: Old Navy/ Sunglasses: Shop in downtown Indy

I Finally have Wifi, actual working Wifi. Not just a campground that claims that they have wifi at their visitor center when their wifi really doesn’t work at all. So, I am here to document day three of our road trip. Day three was spent in Colorado Springs. We stayed at a hotel with the comfiest bed that I have ever slept in, which trust me I was going to need, because little did I know the following night I would be sleeping in my car. Colorado Springs had a nice downtown where we hung out for the day. During the afternoon, we ate lunch and walked into some shops, where I lusted over a book full of vintage trailers. In the evening, we went back to the hotel and soaked in a hot tub with a mountain view, and then went out for a delicious dinner in the most unique restaurant that was located under ground. It was Alice and Wonderland themed and called the Rabbit Hole. It may sound tacky but it was really tasteful and cool in my opinion.